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The Aligned Holistics Program
Will Help You To:

•       Create sustainable health and happiness practices
•       Decrease stress and increase resilience
•       Increase your energy and quality of sleep
•       Strengthen existing relationships
•       Attract and choose relationships that truly nourish you
•       Deepen your relationship with yourself
  Discover your strengths
•       Find a career you love


How it Works:

Coaching sessions are conducted in person in NYC or Skype. Three-month and six-month programs are available.  To get the most out of the Aligned Holistics program, prepare yourself to show up 100% for each session and be willing to be break out of your comfort zone.

•       60-minute weekly sessions
•       Unlimited email correspondence in between sessions
•       Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and I review before our first session
•       Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
•       A personalized action plan and self-care program
•       Confidentiality
•       Freedom to ask and share anything you want

And I promise we’ll have fun along the way!

The fact that you’re here now means you are ready to take your health and happiness to the next level. Congratulate yourself for being present in this moment and finding your way here.


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Your story of transformation will energize you too.

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