"Before working with Amita, everything seemed hard, every strategy would backfire- I was hitting walls constantly. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back. Amita helped me break this mess down into sizable chunks. She helped me to prioritize the right actions and tackle them one step at the time using tangible goals and effective, practical techniques. We defined achievable goals and daily tactics on how to reach them. I can proudly say that I am accomplishing all of my goals with enthusiasm and without stress!

Working with Amita is totally different - every week there is a concrete result. You feel like you are advancing. At the same time, these regular results were not superficial 'tricks’ - Amita really teaches you to drive the change from within."

-Ivanka Visnjic,

"Before working with Amita, I felt ‘stuck’ in many areas of my life.  Though I had ideas about the type of life I wanted to live, I wasn’t making any progress in achieving any of it.  Amita has been a blessing in helping me identify the ways in which I have been holding myself back.  By providing valuable tools and insight, Amita has enabled me to prioritize my goals and create workable action plans to achieve them.  I feel she has put me on the road to create the life I have always desired.

Equally as important, Amita is extremely supportive and compassionate.  She is very easy to talk to, and genuinely cares about my success and well-being.  I imagine she brings that same level of enthusiasm to each person she has the opportunity to help. 

I have no doubt that anyone working with Amita will find their life has significantly changed for the better and highly recommend her services."

-Keith Elliott
Project Manager


"Amita's approach not only helped me to quit smoking, but empowered me to make other lifestyle changes, including improved nutrition, reduced stress, and deeper and more meaningful relationships.  I love working with her and have benefited so much from her advice and guidance. Amita's own personal growth, her level of insight, and the sophistication of her worldview are truly astounding."

-George Vallas,

"I send clients to Amita when I know they need fast results. Amita immediately hones in on the tools they need to meet their goals. She's seriously in a category of her own."

-Dr. Darcy Sterling
Host, E!'s "Famously Single"
Owner, Alternatives Counseling

"Amita has helped me overcome a sense of overwhelm by teaching me to create effective, actionable lists. We worked on breaking down large, ambiguous goals into smaller (prioritized and achievable) steps. Amita’s guidance has helped me to become a better planner and to use my time more effectively, which has given me greater confidence in my ability to reach my goals!

The tools she has given me will help me lay a strong foundation for my business—and has been worth every penny of my investment! Thanks Amita!"

-Jessamee Sanders
Founder, Tamlin Jewelry




"The reason Amita's coaching works so well for me is not because she puts herself on a wellness pedestal- in fact, its quite the opposite; Amita has a gift for working tirelessly and with profound integrity to align her own life alongside yours. Through her own exemplary honesty and humility, Amita meets you where you are instead of telling you where you should be. She has the ability to anticipate your opportunities for growth well before you have even gauged them, yet she doesn't push you to derive conclusions that you have not first and foremost arrived at yourself. As a teacher of many ages and disciplines, I can see this is the mark of a true leader-- one who believes in continuous learning to the extent that they uphold it. As a coach, Amita creates a learning environment defined by the freedom that is absolutely essential for you to achieve intrinsic motivation."

-Corinne Wainer
Founder, YoGirls

"Amita was not only my coach, she instantly became a friend.  She has helped me to realize things about myself on a deeper level, which has served to transform my life in tremendous ways. Her instinctive coaching ability, allows her to see things from a different perspective, as she encourages deep personal introspection. She is passionately dedicated to helping people transform their lives to live from a place of true authenticity. She is a huge inspiration to me and I am blessed to have met her and been able to work with her." 

-Stephanie Marino
Founder, Real Food Pure Love


"Amita Patel is a true leader because she teaches by example. An inspiration to those who are ready to jump off the old path and into their greatest potential, Amita has been there and now acts as a guiding light in the community. Her spiritual wisdom and guidance, high level of empathy, and limitless capacity to love are her greatest gifts, making her someone who takes others to great heights, with ease and grace."

-Jennifer Kass
Happiness Coach and Spiritual Mentor