15 Tips To Manage Distractions

A few months ago, I surveyed my readers to find their biggest Time Management struggles. I was so grateful/overwhelmed by the thousands who responded. Between my clients, training, and attempts at a life, it's taken me longer than I'd like to admit to crunch the data, come up with solutions, and figure out the best way to support you. 

So, I'm super excited to share 3 things with you today:

  1. The results of the survey (Yes, you're normal)
  2. The FREE series you don't want to miss
  3. A tool to manage distractions (Actually, 15 to be more specific)

So let’s get started.

When surveyed, thousands reported that procrastinating, prioritizing, and managing distractions are their biggest time management struggles. (Check out the results in the word cloud below.)

So why am I telling you this? To let you know that you’re normal and that you're not alone! 

Let’s face it. We probably should have been taught “Life Skills 101: How To Be An Adult” in school. And while I can’t give you a time machine, I can give you a solution. I've spent countless hours speaking with experts, hiring coaches, reading books, and attending events all to develop these “adult” skills. 

So, to address some of these concerns and to save you the time, money, and hassle of having an ADHD coach come to your house and teach you to organize your closet (yes, I actually did that!), I’ve created new tools, a free video series and lots of other great ways to effectively Take Back Your Time. And, I’ve got a huge announcement to make soon, but til then, I hope these exercises, tips, infographics, and videos help you to feel more balanced, productive, and energized.

So here’s the first one: 15 Tips To Manage Distractions (Infographic). Most of us take 1 hour to do what we could be doing in 20 minutes. Personally, my weakness is Facebook. Or, if I’m really struggling to stay focused, I choose to engage in what I call “productive procrastination,” distracting myself with seemingly important tasks (like laundry.) Either way, we all could stand to be more efficient and use the extra time for the things we really want (whether it's fun, family, or a few more hours of sleep!) To make that happen, I created an Infographic of the 15 BEST tips to keep you focused (no pills required!) And, because I’m human (just like you) I have this posted as a reminder on my office wall. These are some of the best tips I’ve found in my research, my work with clients, and my own life. So check out the Infographic and the free series to come. 

To Taking Back Your Time,