Modern Day Macro-Part 3: Complementary Opposites


In Modern Day Macro Part 1 & Part 2 we explored the importance of keeping your body aligned with nature and the nitty gritty of how food plays a role in that. The Macrobiotic philosophy extends beyond food to include a way of living harmoniously. Just take a look at these adorable yin-yang cuddling puppies! If that doesn't get you to read on, I don't know what will!

Contraction and Expansion, Dark and light, Top and Bottom, Man and woman, etc. is the balance of complementary opposites. We see this everywhere. These opposing forces help balance each other. We see this in our body, in our lives, and in the greater universe.  We can’t have one without the other. 

Nothing is all yin or all yang. For example, a woman is considered yin, feminine and soft, but we all know that women are also strong, empowered, and a force to be reckoned with. I, for example, am active, direct, and expressive which are typically considered yang qualities.  But I can assure you, I’m all woman :)

In Modern Macro Medicine, the healing of disease is treated when we identify what is out of balance. We then rectify this imbalance with its complementary opposite.

For example, heart disease is a considered a yang or “hot” disease in the body. It can be cured, balanced, and healed by adding in cooling foods like fruits & vegetables and taking out "hot" foods like oils, fried things, and heavy foods. 

Anemia, on the other hand, requires "warming" foods like protein to help balance the system. 

The beauty of Modern day Macrobiotics is that it doesn’t just apply to food, but to life itself. Activities, places, ideas, etc. are yin or yang. Take a look:

Not surprisingly, we live in a mostly contracted world.

Being in tune with nature, helps us to live in tune with the universal laws of complementary opposites.

The Takeway: Complementary Opposites teaches us to balance our health. Not only as it relates to food, but also as it relates to activities in our lives. Find foods and activities that balance your life.