5 Reasons You’re Exhausted All The Time (that have nothing to do with nutrition)

I should start by saying this post serves 3 purposes. It's one part helpful tips (yay!), one part passive-aggressive rant, and one part cathartic self-reflection.

I’ll get the rant out of the way first.

Last week I was exhausted. My routine was off, and while I enjoyed the additions to my schedule (date nights, wellness events, and a random afternoon excursion), I required power naps and extra under-eye concealer. Throughout the week, I heard my comfy bed and jammies calling my name.

Most nights, I procrastinate brushing my teeth by perusing the Internet for interesting articles under the guise that it isn’t procrastinating since I’m bettering myself. That night, I was elated to find an article roughly titled “Here’s Why You’re Exhausted.” I thought "Synchronicity!" My prayers have been answered. Here would be a listicle stating exactly what I needed to do.

But no. It was an article extolling the virtues of superfoods, gluten-free grains, and herbal tea. Was this information important and valuable? Sure.

Was it what I wanted? Not so much.

Could you make a case that my rekindled love of cheese might have played a role in my lethargic dislike for the article? Absolutely maybe.

What I really needed was someone to sit me down and tell me the exact words I would tell a client the following day:

5 Reasons You're Exhausted All The Time

1. Your relationships suck.

No, not everyone in your life needs to go. You don’t need to start from scratch. You don’t need to write one of those overly-dramatic “I’m cleaning out my Facebook friends and you’ve made the cut” posts I see (but wish I hadn’t). Maybe only some people suck. Or maybe you’re spending too much time with them. Or too little time with the people who energize you. If you’re feeling dragged down by negative people, it may be time to do an energetic cleanse. Even if it’s just temporary: Take stock, cut cords, feel good.

2. You're not fulfilled.

Whether it’s your job, your relationships, or your downtime, we all need to find meaning at some point in our day-to-day. When you’re engaged and challenged, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled. You don’t need to save the world to feel good about what you do. But it doesn't hurt either. Start small: donate to a cause you care about, help a stranger, or simply call your mom and say "thanks!"

3. You don't make time for the good stuff.

Fun is as much of a priority as work, kids, and all the other things our parents and teachers told us. In fact, not prioritizing things that make you happy is one of the Top 5 Life Regrets. Read more here.

4. You work hard, not smart.

If you’ve ever spent an entire day “working” but had nothing to show for it, I feel for you. I’ve been you. Sometimes, I’m still you. It all comes down to prioritizing, conquering your fear, and creating space. You can Download the free step-by-step guide to start working smarter instead of harder.

5. You don't prioritize sleep.

It’s easy to prioritize work, kids, and “Game of Thrones.” The real challenge is scheduling in enough quality sleep to actually enjoy any of the aforementioned activities.

The Takeaway:

Self-care is the key to success, happiness, and all the other good stuff we want out of life. And while nutrition is vital to life, I’d argue that Tips #1-5 are what will take you from surviving to thriving. Which will you choose?

What helps you when you're feeling drained? Got an tips to stay energized?
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