The Truth About The Law of Attraction

Sick children, natural disasters, terrorist attacks. If you believe in the Law of Attraction then it’s all your fault.

For years I’ve believed in the Law of Attraction because it sounded nice. Did I see any evidence of it? Not really, but I assumed that was because I wasn’t “trying hard enough.” While some say the Law of Attraction empowers you to create your ideal world, it simply made me blame myself for not being “perfect enough” to manifest it. Thus, it just reaffirmed my victim mentality even more, making me my own victim. 


While there may not be any scientific proof that the Law of Attraction is in fact a “Universal Law,” there is evidence that “Like tends to attract Like.” Thus, a positive person will tend to attract positive people, situations, and events, and a negative person will tend to attract negative.

I now subscribe to this Principle rather than the Law. It may seem like a fine line, but there are key differences. With the Principle, I am more suited to plan, prepare for challenges, take responsibility for establishing my goal, and adopt an optimistic and realistic perspective rather than feeling unfulfilled or victimized when I don’t achieve perfection.

So what are the benefits to adopting the Principle of Attraction?

  1. As a positive person you will tend to have greater success in your career, relationships, and physical health than negative people.
  2. You will tend to be surrounded by other positive people.
  3. Aligning your thoughts and feelings with what you truly want out of life will direct your brain to focus on your goals. For more information on how this works neurologically with your RAS, click here.
  4. You are more likely to visualize the process and not simply the outcome, helping you to be present-minded.
  5. Being present will prepare you for challenges and allow you to create an aligned action plan.

The Takeaway:

Your goals are your responsibility. The Universe doesn’t reward those of us who stay up late at night making a vision board.  The Universe favors those who take aligned action. As the saying goes “Pray as if everything depends on God, Act as if everything depends on you.”

Don’t leave your goals up to the Universe. What’s one way shifting your mindset to The Principle can help you to create a life you love?

Share your answer with me in the Comments Section below!