Unlock Your Limitless Creativity: Interview with Heather Broadbent


We are all creating something. The belief that creativity is just for "artists" is a limiting belief we use to keep ourselves playing small.

But what if you challenged that perception?

What if you removed the obstacles that got in your way?

What if you unlocked your limitless creativity?

Today, I want to share something really exciting! For many years, I've known that there was something creative inside me. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I loved the moments when I could express myself. Whether that be through a silly song or dance, new programs at work, crafting with friends, or even a new recipe, I felt free, happy, and alive. Yet even though I knew this, I wouldn't give myself the freedom to express myself. I'd judge myself thinking, "it isn't good enough." Or, when I'd hit a creative wall, I'd simply fold.  

Those days are over.

Now, I'm all about expressing my creative voice. But that growth didn't happen overnight. After all, as Matisse once said,

Creativity takes courage. 

I recently met an inspiring woman who shared my story and my beliefs: Heather Broadbent. As a holistic violinist and Founder of Online Violin. Heather is a passionate violinist whose creative journey has taken her all over the world. But what's really remarkable is her method, her vision, and her energy.

Check out my interview with Heather and learn:

  • The role of creativity in our lives
  • How to access your inner voice
  • How do you balance practicing vs. following your intuition
  • What to do when you're feeling stuck
  • How to conquer stage fright

If you’re a creative person or you want your art back, it’s time to reclaim your passion and unlock your limitless creativity.

As a bonus, Heather shares exclusive gifts with the Aligned Holistics community. You won't want to miss it! 

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