Rainy Day Gratitude


Hey NYC! We're all anticipating Spring, but today we got a wintry mess instead. If you're anything like me, this messes with your mood. Have no fear! Here's a list of my favorite icky-day mood boosters: 

1. Break out in song. Seriously, nothing picks me up more than a little song and dance. Even 5 minutes of "the Little Mermaid" goes a long way.

2. Set an intention to get one of your dreaded tasks done. You know that thing you put off, like organizing that stack of papers, or going through old magazines, face that challenge head-on! Not only will you accomplish something on your to-do list, but you will feel energized. That will propel you to get even more done!

3. Write a letter of gratitude to someone. It doesn’t have to be for anything big, and it can even be written on a post it. A verbal thank you isn't as meaningful as a note. So thank someone for something. Can't think of anything? Thank me for writing this note

More tips to come!