Cravings Decoded Part 1: Sweet & Vicious

Ever notice how when we are out of sync our food cravings skyrocket? When you have a million deadlines and you're eating like you're pregnant?


Decode your cravings by using them as an opportunity to connect to which of your 5 Pillars is out of whack. The 5 Pillars are the real things in life that feed us: physical activity, relationships, career, and personal philosophyWhen those are aligned, the food on our plate simply isn't as important. That being said, cravings do tell us a lot about our nutritional habits. So, let's take out the magnifying glass and break down your specific craving with some helpful tips. Today, let's start with my favorite tips for sugar addiction:

1) Reduce your caffeine intake-The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration. Caffeine also causes your blood sugar to seesaw, leading to more frequent sweet cravings.

2) Drink enough water-Rule of thumb: the number of ounces of water you need is your body weight divided by 2. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs, divide it in half and you get 80 oz of water to drink. Keeping track throughout the day gets tough. I LOVE the free "Water Lite" app for the iPhone. The letter grade I get at the end of the day makes my inner Asian jump with glee 

3) Try a gentle sweetener- If the craving persists, try a sweet that won't cause a blood sugar spike like berries, honey, brown rice syrup, and sweet veggies (peas, squash, etc.) As for artificial sweeteners, the chemical $hit does more harm than good. Avoid it like the plague.

4) Get more sleep/Relax- A sweet craving is an energy craving. Use this opportunity to listen to what your body is actually asking of you. Are you stressed? Need more sleep? Do it.

5) Get moving-If you are getting enough sleep and your stress levels aren't crazy, you may need a brisk 10 minute walk to re-energize. Bonus: Mood boost!

When all else fails, give in and enjoy the craving with a high-quality treat. That means skip the Hershey's and go for the organic good stuff (LOVE Green & Black's chocolate right now) The worst thing you can do is feel guilty for an indulgence. Physically and psychologically, the guilt you feel around having that slice of cake is worse than the occasional slice of cake is on your waistline.

Much love and more to come!