March Against Monsanto = March Madness.

Taken 5/25/13 in NYC

Taken 5/25/13 in NYC

My experience at March Against Monsanto, NYC was powerful, yet incomplete. Coming together as a community of awakened consumers is both a power and a responsibility. 

On May 25, 2013 the 436-city March connected voices across the world, regardless of age, gender, class, race, and sexuality. As individuals, we all fell away as we united for one cause. (Power)

Yet the entire time, I heard a voice inside telling me:

A voice of change manifested positively and peacefully speaks louder than a protest based on anger.

Deep inside, I knew the only thing missing was love. (Responsibility)

Now, as much as I love a good “F*ck GMOs!” sign, it was clear that passion channeled into anger wasn’t going to serve on the highest level. “Killing Monsanto” isn’t the answer. The answer is an internal shift. When we shift our perception, we can move mountains. We have the power to love, to heal, to choose. The victim mentality is only reaffirmed when we fight fire with fire. Yet we choose to feed the flames rather than quell them with water. It’s easier to complain than to be the healing voice. But where do we begin?

It starts with self-love. This means many things: knowing your truth, connecting to your purpose, and choosing what is right for you, your body, your loved ones, your community. Only from that space can we go outward to be the light we wish to see in the world. Inspired action can only come from our internal selves, not the external circumstances. So instead of going on another venting session about another issue, let’s just take a moment and send love and healing to one another and to Monsanto. From that space alone we will be able to plant non genetically-modified seeds of change in this lifetime for ourselves, our children, and our planet.