Flip the Switch: From Envy to Abundance


It’s easy to feel envious when our culture is built on a fear of scarcity. We’ve all felt it: fear that if she gets the promotion, I might not. Fear that there aren’t any decent guys left in Manhattan, fear that there is not enough of anything to go around.


We are conditioned to believe that if something good happens to someone else, it can’t happen to us.

But if we flip the switch, these feelings of envy are actually vulnerability. We have an underlying fear of putting our authentic self forward and claiming what we are hungry for.  If we change our mindset about our fears and limiting beliefs, we see that they are opportunities to lift the veil and shine light on who we truly are and what we truly want.  Abundance breeds abundance. We are meant to be the midwives of others’ dreams as they are for ours. As each of us shifts, so does our culture. So when those feelings of vulnerability or envy show up, ask yourself: 

how would my highest self show up for this assignment? Who do I truly want to be in this situation?

When the negativity falls to the wayside, it is your positive attitude alone that breeds abundance. In this moment, you have the opportunity to find gratitude.

Your competitive edge is actually a double-edged sword. It may motivate you, but only if you use it with a sense of purpose for your true self’s mission. And guess what?

Your ultimate mission is to support others.