How to Lose Your Job in 7 Easy Steps


Have you ever been in a drama-filled work environment? As a former non-profit employee, that’s pretty much all we did (myself included!) We fed it, we bitched about it, and yet we loved it.

Inappropriate workplace drama occurs everywhere. Often, it stems from multiple egos with multiple insecurities all in the same room competing as they try work together. Fueled by caffeine and fear-based cycling thoughts, we tend to futurize, personalize, and rationalize. All this adds up to gossip, passive-aggressive behavior, and complaining. Ultimately, it’s all caused by the same root fears: a fear of lack, loss, and failure.

When you’re battling a fear of failure, you focus (consciously and subconsciously) on the negative. You don’t take responsibility for your actions because you see yourself as the victim. You’re a ticking time-bomb with an easily detonated sore spot around being not good enough. Everything you see will mirror back this insecurity.

So why is this an issue at work? Because this behavior will hold you back, or worse, get you fired. I once worked in an office that seemed to be a revolving door of employees. Each terminated employee followed the same protocol:

How to Lose Your Job in 7 Easy Steps:

1. Don’t rest on your laurels.

A lack of education or technical abilities is not a reason to get fired. When you stop learning, you stop living (and stop working!) Continue to look at how you can improve your skills. Bonus: Your job will often pay for it!

2. Don’t take it the wrong way.

Accept positive and negative feedback. If you have a gear of not being good enough, you probably can’t handle any type of feedback. Remember, it isn’t meant to be critical, it’s an opportunity to grow. Stop taking it personally and learn from it!

3. Don’t bitch about your coworkers or company.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but we bond with others over complaining. The worse you feel about yourself and your situation, the more likely you are to verbalize what you think to the wrong people. Talk less, listen more, focus on the positive.

4. Don’t hesitate to take a step.

Ever regret not speaking up with your good idea in a meeting? It felt safe at the moment, but then “Chad” got all the glory! Fear of failure and fear of loss prevent us from taking risks. Quit playing small and embrace your gifts! Fortune favors the bold.

5. Don’t doubt yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will anyone else. It’s that simple.

6. Don’t be a drama queen.

If you’re overly emotional, your breakdowns make you a liability. By all means, have your feelings and don’t bottle them up. But there’s no need to make a scene at work. Your coworker is not your therapist. That’s what happy hour is for.

7. Don’t stay at a job just because you’re there now.

It’s a recipe to remain stagnant and unhappy. Dare to explore what lights you up. Because if you’re unhappy, you’re likely to do steps 1-6 and lose your job anyway.


The Takeaway:

Ultimately, your fear of failure will stay with you until you’re ready to address it head-on. Until you’re ready, don’t lose your job in the process.

Do you do any of these 7 career-sabotaging moves? I certainly have! Share your story in the Comments section below!