Q & A Thursday: The Weekend Meltdown

Welcome to the first Q&A Thursday!



Question. I eat well & exercise during the week…and then the weekend comes. I feel lazy and my healthy habits seem to give way to crazy cravings. What gives?

I completely understand. During the week, we have the structure to help guide us. Between work, family, and social commitments, our free time is limited. In fact, we seem to get more done. This is because our time is so valuable that we are even more careful how we spend it.  Those who successfully maintain a healthy eating/workout schedule during the week know that the key to workweek health and self-care is planning. Yes, taking 10 minutes on Sunday to plan when your workout, grocery shopping and cooking is the best way to set yourself up for success.  So what’s the difference between those who think about it and those who do it? Actually writing it in your calendar like it’s a can’t-miss appointment. But back to the question at hand, you’re great during the week…

And then the weekend comes…

When we have a large amount of free time without structure, our minds go haywire. In fact, many people actually feel less happy on the weekends without that structure. When we’re given more time for our minds to wander, it can be difficult to deal with emotions that come up and we may want to squash them before we even have them. This is when many of us have cravings-sugar for energy, carbs out of boredom, etc. Here are a few tips to keep up the self-care. After all, as the saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  

1. Zone in & zen out.

Meditating everyday is the best thing you can do for your health and happiness. This is especially true on the weekends. Why? Free time is the ego’s playground. Why not rein in the fear-based negative talk by starting your day on a positive note? Giving yourself the time to clue into your feelings will allow you to process them through your heart and not your plate.

2. Shape your day.

Structuring your weekend schedule will allow you to avoid the time-killing pitfalls that make you feel worse like hours of TV, long brunches that turn into day drinking marathons, etc.

3. Plan for fun.

You can’t make the “I don’t have time” excuse for exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should suffer on the treadmill. See exercise as a fun and social activity by trying something new: go for a hike with a friend, take a dance class, maybe even some aqua Zumba! Step outside your comfort zone. Trying something new with a friend or significant other helps you to bond and creates shared memories.

4. Plan for relaxation.

The same way you carve out time for friends and exercise, create time just for you. Whatever “me time” looks like for you, plan it and make it a non-negotiable. Maybe it’s reading a book outside, maybe it’s a mani-pedi, maybe it’s going to the park with your dog. Whatever it is, you’re worth it, so do it.

5. Go ahead and splurge.

So you know you’re going to get brunch with your friends on Sunday and you know the nutella-stuffed French toast sounds way better than the egg white omelet. I’m not going to give you some lame tip that justifies deprivation. It’s nutella!!! Knowing that you’ll get to splurge at some point over the weekend will help you to make the healthy choices you won’t regret.

6. Stay present.

Mindfulness is the key to making decisions that best serve us. So when you start to feel off or you are presented with a choice of what to do or eat, stay present to your emotions and thoughts. With your higher self as your guide, you’ll always make the right decision. And yes, sometimes that decision is cake :)

7. Sleep similarly.

Many people try to make up for a week’s worth of bad sleep on the weekends. Guess what? Sleep debt doesn’t work like that. For every all-nighter you pull, it takes two weeks for your body to repair itself. You can’t just make it all up in one swoop! So, on the weekends, keep similar hours to your workweek. Want to sleep in an extra hour? Go for it, but don’t waste an entire weekend in bed. Not only will you feel depressed, but you are likely to be unproductive during your waking hours and make poor food choices as well.


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