Your Stuff & Your Story: Letting It All Go

#TBT- How I handled moving when I was 18.

#TBT- How I handled moving when I was 18.

Anyone who has ever moved to a new home knows this simple, universal truth: Packing sucks. 

In an effort to remove clutter from my life and not bring any bad energy into my new home, I’m taking the “Spring Cleanse” to a whole new level, removing food that doesn’t energize me from my pantry, things that don’t serve me from my home, and people who don’t bring me joy from my life. 

Right now, my home feels like a junk drawer. As I sort through pop rocks, hair clips, and old love notes, I started to wonder how I’ve amassed so much “stuff.”

How did I once think these things were worth my money, energy, and space when I now can’t wait to let it go?

Over the past two years that I’ve been living here I’ve undergone tremendous transformation:

  • I let go of the man I thought I’d marry after dating for ~9 years
  • I changed careers
  • I got a dog

But more than that, I’ve evolved as a person, growing into the person I was meant to be. Yet with all that, I’m profoundly annoyed at all the “stuff” around me.

None of it is “me” anymore. It’s all old energy, old coping mechanisms, and old ideas of who I thought I was. So why does it bother me? Because I’m not my story.

None of us are.

We all identify with a story of transformation or “waking up” to our truth. And while it’s fine to honor that journey, none of us truly changed who we were at our core.

All we did was remove the bricks we had so carefully stacked in order to block ourselves and others from our truth: that we already have everything we need to be happy. That we are complete, exactly as we are.

As we slowly chip away at the walls we built, we realize that we were here all along.

We didn’t need the clothes, the men, the job, or the stuff to make us who we were, we needed to let go of all that to see who we had become.

And that’s why all this “stuff” in my apartment continues to piss me off. It isn’t me. It never was.

I’ll miss my beautiful home and the transformation it housed. But it’s time for new energy and more closet space to accommodate all that I’m meant to be and all that I already am.

Admittedly, this is very different than my usual posts, so I’ll leave you with this:

The Takeaway:

Let go of everything around you that doesn’t support who you are or your vision of your highest self. Clean out your literal and figurative closet. Remember, just because your mother gave you that ugly sweater doesn’t mean you’re tossing her when you donate it. But seriously, get rid of it. It’s itchy and doesn’t go with anything. 

What do you need to let go? Share your story in Comments section below!